There are a lot of shared web hosting suppliers on the market, however most of them are resellers that have limited resources, especially when it comes to support. A way to distinguish them is the option to reach the company over the telephone. The type of support that you'll get through this particular method of communication will vary depending on the supplier - some provide you with dedicated telephone support, many others offer common and customer support only since some matters are more time-consuming and it is much easier to be resolved through a trouble ticket, particularly when the situation needs to be escalated. However, it's good to find that you can always reach your website hosting provider since there're many small matters that can be managed efficiently and in a timely manner through a phone call, not mentioning that you'll be able to get additional information for the services even before you become a client.

Phone Support in Shared Web Hosting

If you choose to get one of our shared web hosting, you will be able to contact our support crew over the phone for 14 hours per day. We will help you select the perfect package for your websites since we are aware that it is better to discuss this kind of issues with a live person. In case you already have an account, we will help you with all sales/billing questions as well as general issues, even with some tech matters which don't involve too much time or escalation to an administrator as it is more convenient to open a support ticket for time-consuming troubles in order to have the correspondence in a single place. We have phone numbers in the US, the United Kingdom and Australia, so you'll be able to call the one you prefer and talk with our representatives.

Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

We provide live telephone support 14 hours per day as part of the support services for each and every semi-dedicated server plan that we provide. Since some issues are more complex and time-consuming, you will need to open a support ticket in case you come across such a problem, but for all billing, general or small-scale tech issues you can always call us and we'll help you quickly so as to save you the time you will have to spend on creating a support ticket. Even if you do not have an account yet, you'll be able to find out if you can host your sites on our top-notch cloud platform or you are able to get any other general information about our semi-dedicated solutions. We now have local numbers in the USA, the UK and Australia as well as a worldwide number, therefore you'll be able to call the one that is nearer to your region.