An email alias is an email address which uses the very same mailbox along with the initial email. For instance, you could have as your authentic address and add an alias Both the email addresses can share the same mailbox, so e-mails sent to either one of them will be received in one place. Feel free to use aliases for several needs, such as emailing various groups of people or signing up on websites. Any time you begin to get a number of spam, for example, you can easily delete the alias whilst your actual mailbox will not be impacted in any way and you will maintain the emails that you need. Aliases are often considered to be an alternative to forwarding messages from one mailbox to a different one if you work with two or more addresses for contact on your site.

E-mail Aliases in Shared Web Hosting

With each shared web hosting plan that we offer, you will be able to make tens or even hundreds of aliases for every mailbox which you have made in the account. The process is quite simple you'll be able to add or remove aliases with a few mouse clicks from our in-house developed Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. This feature can save you precious time as it will likely be far easier to control the messages from different addresses which you use or that can be on your website in one place. If you reply, the other side will receive an e-mail from the alias, not from the main e-mail address associated with the mailbox. You can combine this option with e-mail filters or e-mail forwarding should you need a backup of some kinds of messages in the main mailbox as well as in other independent email addresses.

E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Servers

Adding aliases to your mailboxes is very simple in case you have a semi-dedicated server package with our company and all of your e-mails are managed on our end. You can make or remove an alias in the Emails part of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which is provided with each and every account. You may also have many aliases, so if you run a business, for instance, each and every staff member can have their unique e-mail address, but all e-mails sent to them can be seen by everyone in a single mailbox. This way, handling the email conversation with customers will be less time-consuming and more coordinated. If part of the e-mail messages need to reach different divisions too, you'll be able to combine using aliases together with our email forwarding option.